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The Sunday Mass will be from 11am at St Peter’s and 9.30am at St Mary Magdalene’s.


Food from Felix has helped us survive, say churchgoers read the full article

Normally, we run a breakfast club on Thursdays and the Saturday Lunch Club, as well as providing support with form-filling and casework for vulnerable local people. Obviously this has all changed with the pandemic.

Our specific Corona response services (C.A.R.E.S) have been in operation since Mid- February where we acted on prevention and early protection of those most vulnerable and we re-strategized around the delivery of our projects early and acted spontaneously in accordance with daily governmental instructions and advice to  address the needs that this pandemic created/exacerbated head on whilst also filling the gaps and identify those in need which included many more individuals owing the nature of the high-risk status, as has always been our philosophy and function. 

We have facilitated our more vulnerable users to self-isolate prior to the lock-down and arranged for them to receive supplies (shopping or donations – dependant upon financial circumstances) to sustain them through the lock-down period and hopefully somewhat beyond for extra safety.

We deliver various services around supporting people including casework where possible, but in terms of our food services:

Our Thursday food bank serves 30-35 people each week and our meals services covers 50-60 at present but bear in mind that we do the deliveries 3-4 times per week.

For the meantime, our meals service operates all week as we do shopping and Foodbank deliveries for local people in need when they need it & we have recently collaborated with a motorcycle club who are supporting us via a local restaurant owned by one of their member to provide 45+ cooked meals to a local sheltered scheme 3x per week (Jacqui had formerly been preparing the weekly meals.)

We are also serving residents of RBKC with our Foodbank and deliveries for various reasons around their gaps in provision and the demand incoming from these residents who feel they have nowhere else to find that support.

We receive emergency referrals all week round, including Sundays and so we respond to the need. Most of our volunteers live locally & therefore our team can respond in a timely and effectively style.

We currently provide our cooked breakfast through deliveries & take-aways on Thursday mornings and our community Foodbank operates on Thursdays whereby residents who are able can choose & collect food parcels from us under ever-changing social distancing and public health precautions. We receive food from various sources, mainly The Felix Project and City Harvest (which give us supermarket overstocks, and now cooked meals and produce from restaurant chains).

We deliver cooked lunches/dinners and provide hot or ready re-heatable meals/take-ways on Saturday afternoons.

Sunday worship is at 11am. Normally the first Sunday of the month is a Family Eucharist, and on the other Sundays in term there is Children’s Church alongside the Parish Eucharist. Newcomers are always made welcome.

The sister church of St.Mary Magdalene’s is St.Peter’s, Elgin Avenue W9. Together we constitute the United Benefice of St.Mary Magdalene & St.Peter, Paddington. St.Peter’s Parish is bounded on the north by Shirland Road, and to the south by the Grand Union Canal; the eastern edge is Formosa Street, and the western edge is Walterton Road and Maida Hill Market.

St.Peter’s Church is on the junction of Elgin Avenue and Chippenham Road. The original Victorian church (where Thomas Hardy was married) was demolished in the 1970s and replaced by a much smaller, multi-purpose building.

St.Peter’s has a vibrant, multi-ethnic congregation of all ages, mostly from the immediate neighbourhood. The style of worship is relaxed but dignified, as suits the congregation and their building.

St.Peter’s has a long tradition of commitment and social action, and St.Peter’s Support Service operates a Saturday Lunch Club and a Thursday breakfast club (called “Tea & Toast”) which are largely funded by community market stalls. The clubs are open to all who need them.

The building is in frequent use from community groups of various sorts, including NA, AA, CA, an after-school club, and the Brownies. A Sufi group meet in the Hall for weekly zikr. We aim to make the Hall available to serve community needs. The church is used by a Brazilian Pentecostal congregation, an Ethiopian Orthodox congregation, and a Ghanaian congregation, as well as the home team.


St. Peter’s Church Safeguarding Policy 2022

We are committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community. We all play an integral role in developing a thriving, healthy and safe church. 

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