Community Projects @ St. Mary Mags

Community Projects

During the period that St. Mary Mags is closed for the conservation and building works, we will be busy running a number of exciting projects working with the community. Many of these projects will include participants creating tiles, textiles, film, audio and artworks that will become permanent features of the new building.

For further information or to register interest in taking part contact Lucy Foster on or 020 3735 5175.

Tile Project

A 6-week project for those living locally to St. Mary Mag’s Church to work with artist Linda Florence to create their own beautiful tiles for the new building. See your work up on the walls once St. Mary Mag’s re-opens in Summer 2018.  TILE FLYER PDF TO DOWNLOAD 

All will be welcome to an Open Day at the church on 4th November, where there will be the chance to make your own tile.

Area Change Mapping Project

Maria Amidu will work with a group of Year 8 students at Westminster Academy to research the physical changes in the local area over the past 200 years. The class will then explore how this change can be represented in map form. The final design will be manufactured for permanent display in the foyer of the new building.

Oral History Project

An Oral Historian will work with a team of volunteers to interview a diverse range of people representing Paddington’s Living Heritage. These interviews will form the first ever archive of oral histories documenting life in North Paddington.

Textile Project

A group of local women will work with an experienced textile artist to explore different techniques, traditional and contemporary. As part of the project they will produce new textiles for both the church and new building. A partnership with Westminster Adult Education Service.

Film Project with Young People

A group of young people, working with a film maker, will explore historical archive footage and photography of the area and, inspired by this research, create their own films and photographs.

St. Mary Mags School Projects

During the works period we will be working with St. Mary Mag’s School on a number of projects, including tile making, a performance inspired by local oral histories, and a student design group and architecture challenge.


St. Mary Mags will be closed for a year for building works, however there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved! During Summer 2017 we will be building a team of volunteers to support with both the Conservation work inside the church, and our research and oral history project.

Please have a look at the roles below – we think they offer pretty unique opportunities to play a part in uncovering our heritage, gain new skills, meet new people, and be part of putting this amazing building back at the heart of the community!

For more information or a chat get in touch with Lucy Foster on or 020 3735 5175.


As part of the Conservation Volunteer team you will:

  • – Work as part of a group of volunteers to share a sense of achievement as you bring back to life this extraordinary historic building.
  • – Be amongst the first to re-discover its original vibrant colours and fine craftsmanship.
  • – Explore a range of conservation tasks, including the opportunity to work on the painted ceiling.
  • – Receive training in conservation principles and techniques.
  • – Learn about careers in conservation, and the wider heritage and cultural sectors, while also gaining skills and experience transferable to other future employment.

This will suit people who….

Like working as part of a team, but also thrive when working independently. Those who love the challenge of learning new skills and contributing something to their community! Plus those with an interest in historic buildings and their care, or those interested in pursuing a career in conservation. All training is given – no prior experience is necessary.

Time commitment: will vary to suit volunteer needs. Minimum 4 hour session.



Do you enjoy talking to people and hearing their stories? Do you think you could help make community history lively and engaging for visitors?

We are looking for a team of volunteers to help with research and interviewing local people to bring the history of Paddington and St Mary Magdalene’s Church to life.

As a Heritage Pioneer you will:

  • – Work as part of a team, and independently, to research the history of the Paddington area, its people, and the church.
  • – Learn oral history skills and collect interviews, including recording, documenting and editing.
  • – Work alongside the project team and other volunteers to turn research findings into appealing content for themed exhibitions.
  • – Receive travel and subsistence for research visits to London Metropolitan Archives.
  • – Benefit from training and development opportunities to support you in carrying out the role.
  • – Be an ambassador for the Paddington’s Living Heritage at St Mary Magdalene Project.

This role will suit people who….

Have an interest in community history, the history of the church and the heritage of Paddington, and who think they would enjoy using archives for research. Or those with an interest in talking to a diverse range of people about their experiences and collecting their oral histories. Those who would like to learn more about sharing knowledge with visitors in a lively way both online and through exhibitions.

Time commitment: will vary to suit volunteer needs. Anticipate a minimum of a day commitment per month, but this is flexible to fit in with your schedule. Additional time will be required for training.


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