Magic of Light, Art Exhibition

A multi-dimensional cross-section of different forms of art, illuminated by coloured rays in a dark crypt. Private View 24th June at 6:30pm.

The creative mission of Rickshaw House Gallery is to present art in new, uncharted forms. This exhibition seeks to celebrate light and our relationship with it, including the symbolism attached to the symbiotic nature of light and darkness. The exhibition will include play with coloured lights, lasers and shadows; due to the upcoming renovation of St Mary Magdalene’s Church in Paddington, this event is the last chance to see such a unique exhibition in this beautiful venue. FREE ENTRY.


Walera Martynchik
In a Russian Avant-Garde tradition, the artist plays with how we apprehend the world; the up/down and left to right seeing that secures us in our setting and which in turn make Martynchik’s canvases seem chaotic – which they most emphatically are not.
Joanna Sperryn-Jones
Joanna uses a variety of materials to make installations, in which she seeks to contribute to the perception and experience of breaking. In this exhibition she brings delicate origami flowers to be brought out by the light.
Gemma Milligan
Through her sculpture, the artist focuses on materials that are modest, everyday and generally left raw and untreated. She finds form through experimentation and a primarily physical relationship with the materials, celebrating their ephemeral nature by pushing the boundaries of their molecular composition.
Nicholas Cheeseman
Nicholas Cheeseman plays with the very process of creation; to him, the creation is more important than the end product. He envisages this as a meditation which brings him peace. The artwork is either two or three dimensional and seeks to portray this journey of making.
Gail Olding
Olding works across media investigating the point at which language collapses and the possibility of working outside the field of language. Her work often disrupts and disquietens in an attempt to question systems of communication.
Manka Dowling
Her beautifully colourful paintings are intensely personal, from her recent and wide travels. Her philosophy is that artists should not forget about the individual, introspective, approach to creativity and keep the visual language, whose basis is form and colour, alive.
Maria Hutton
In her paintings, she takes us to a mystical world, which centres on the Tree of Life (otherwise known as Cabala). Cabala has explained the nature of being, the origin of evil and the ways of attaining knowledge of the universe.
Joanna Ciechanowska
The starting point for Ciechanowska is often an idea provoked by situation that causes controversy; she tries to blur the border between the real and abstract, creating an image that is neither happy nor threatening but one that causes the viewer to feel uncertain.
Magdalena Kempa
Kempa uses a full palette of colours to portray nature in a non-natural, but more optimistic manner.
Henryk Terpilowski
The artist uses the many skills and compositional ideas from these fields to develop an eclectic but always expressionistic style of work, investigating new avenues to create emotional impact.
Elzbieta Chojak Mysko
Multi-disciplinary artist with knowledge of stage design, sculpture and painting, which allows her to express emotions in shape, colour and form. Her paintings go beyond the borders.
Tomek Mysko
He portrays a stream of consciousness through mechanics and physical phenomenons.
Dariusz Iwanski
The artist seeks inspiration from exploring the human condition and expresses in his photographs the emotions we all hide within.
Caroline Hands
Caroline is a full time visual artist who works in painting, drawing, textile, batiks, feltmaking, copper and enamel, mosaic, 3D, photography, book illustration and many other mediums.

Venue: Crypt of St Mary Magdalene’s Church
Dates & Times: Fri 24 Jun – 18:30